Where the farmer girl lived and had such fun and the goats jumped over the moon!

As the Crow Flies


November 2007: It is always a busy month here on the farm. I have 5 does that I am breeding with Phinneas. Just before the girls were due to cycle, Phinny had an abscess in his right front hoof. It was an interesting experience to get him on the fitting stand every morning and night to soak his hoof in Epsom salts. He recovered after a couple of days of this treatment and was ready just in time for the beginning of the girls’ cycles.


October 2007: Sheared all the kids at the beginning of this month. Everything went well. I always think that the kids are surprised when they find out that part of the deal is giving up their beautiful, warm hair! Thank goodness for the wonderful weather this Fall. Made it to Rhinebeck for the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival. It was the site for the National Angora Goat Show. I was in my glory. There were many Angora goats and it was very interesting to listen to the judge as he explained his assessment of the goats. As usual there was too much to see in one day but I did my best. Brought Nacho and Maximo to their new home, Angel Knoll Alpacas. I was very sad to say goodbye to them but I know they will be loved and well taken care of at their new farm.


September 2007: All the adults and yearlings were sheared this month. Lots and lots of fiber. Great length and wonderful quality. It is a tiring day and I am so happy that I have an experienced and skilled shearer. We got 9 goats done in a couple of hours.