Where the farmer girl lived and had such fun and the goats jumped over the moon!



Here is a picture of samples of kid mohair from my last years kids. While all the samples are soft and very good quality, you can see some of the differences there can be in fiber produced by Angora goats. While many of my goats start as all black within the first two months there begins to be variations in their coloring. Last year's kids' colors ranged from pure black to beautiful silver grays. These are samples from their first clipping. Sample 1 is lacking some of the luster that you can see in the other samples but I have to say that this particular kid (now a wether) has some of the most beautiful pewter ringlets -I am anxious to work with the fiber but I will have to wait until September! Sample 2 is very nice with a wavy growth habit. Number 3 is from a kid that was rejected by his mother and has been struggling to put on weight. He has the longest length, proving the point that mohair will grow at the expense of the goat. Sample 4 is from a reverse badger. He is now a whether and has more wavy mohair. Sample 5 is from a beautiful little doe kid that is just covered face to hoof with beautiful curly silvery black mohair.


I typically have a variety of fiber available from kid first cut to older goats. Prices vary and if you are interested I will quickly reply to an inquiry.