Where the farmer girl lived and had such fun and the goats jumped over the moon!



Currently, there are 7 does, 1 buck, 3 wethers and 4 doe kids living at Moonhill Farm. The busiest times of year are April and September. With at least 13 goats to shear by hand I have my work cut out for me! I like to shear my goats myself and I get a close up look at their hair and it gives me time to check their skin, hooves, and get a good handle on how they are overall. With 13 goats I now need to hire a professional to do the job. I am lucky to have a wonderful shearer to do this for me. I continue to shear my kids myself since it is a stressful time for them and I can get a good look at their fiber, etc.


Throughout the year my chores involve at least two trips to the barn every day. I change water buckets, give daily rations and fill hay feeders. If I am lucky I have some time to sit down and watch the goats and interact with them. Every six weeks or so it is time to trim hooves. Of course there are the additional chores of cleaning stalls, restocking mineral feeders, scouting for burdocks in the pasture, and taking care of scheduled vaccines and worming routines.

My goats have been a great addition to our small farm and have provided all the entertainment and enjoyment I was sure that they would. Having livestock like this is a big commitment of time, money and just plain hard work but there are many rewards. I have beautiful fiber and wonderful kids. Below are five good reasons that I am working with Angora goats. You can also view my fiber here.